The magazin INOVACE is the only Czech professional periodical, dealing with Occupational Safety and Health Protection at Work. Beside this main general subject, it deals with Environment Protection in industry, too. Inovace has been published in the Czech Republic since 1995 and appears four times a year. Our most usual subscribers are: safety engineers, salesmen, managers and proprietors of different Companies, inspection authorities for work safety, fire-brigades, Czech Ministries, scientific institutes, environmental departements of more important industrial Companies and many others.

Professional articles to be published in INOVACE are prepared in cooperation with the Czech Research Institute for Work Safety in Prag. Information about current Inovace issue you can find on web address of the Research Institut, too: http://www.bozpinfo.cz
Enclosed to each magazin is a Supplement of the Governement Agency for Inspektion of Work, introducing new regulations, EU-norms, the last changes in laws concerning the safety at work, and official announcements of the Czech Republic and EU.

Beside some expert articles, INOVACE publishes technical information and/or announcements about new products, technologies and services proposed by Czech and foreign companies, concerning the safety at work and health protection, as well as the new technical means of environnement protection in industry. To our most frequent customers belong such famous companies as 3M, DuPont, Dräger, Gore, Scott, Oldham, UVEX, Everglow, Ansell and many more.

Technical texts in the Czech language will be published free. The text presented in an other language will be translated by us, the translation cost and photos are to be paid.

INOVACE is subscribed in the Czech and Slowak Republic. It is regularly disployed on all important trade fairs in CZ, Slowakia and in Germany. INOVACE may be of interest for the readers working in any kind of private and/or public company or institution

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